Watch The Skin I live in movie online

Elena Anaya Speaks Out Her Mind On Vera Cruz!
She has stunned everybody with her performance in the thriller, The Skin I Live In, and it all happened with Elena Anaya’s reunion with Spanish filmmaker, Pedro Almodovar.

That’s right; the talented starlet revealed that fact during one of her interviews. According to her, Pedro is the best of the lot in the Spanish movie industry.
Seems like the actress knows the art of how to woo filmmakers to make them consider her for their next project!
Well, it would be quite impolite on my part to label the screen siren, who dazzled opposite Antonio Banderas, as opportunist because Pedro Almodovar is not just any other filmmaker, but one who likes to experiment on fresh themes. It’s worth noticing how passionately he has portrayed the story of a deranged doctor, whose eyes get blinded with the ‘heat of revenge!

’The thriller has some breathtaking moments with Dr. Robert (Antonio Banderas) in pursuit of a human guinea pig (Elena Anaya) to put the synthetic skin invented by him on test.

I really liked the turn of events that ultimately brought Vera Cruz (played by Anaya) as Robert’s nemesis.
When asked about the perfection with which she portrayed the character of Vera, the actress took the full-on route to praise the filmmaker. She went on to say that he recited the role so minutely as if he has been associated with Vera for the last ten years.
The option to watch The Skin I Live In online without downloading is certainly a must for those who love to feel their teeth chatter like anything. Without even an ounce of doubt, a story of revenge turning into a blood-chilling obsession has never been told before in such a thrilling fashion.
The craze to download The Skin I Live In movie has been growing incessantly, and there can’t be an iota of doubt that it would continue throughout the whole year. The movie definitely makes for a good entertainment package during the Halloween!


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